Managed Hosting Vs Dedicated Servers

It can be a daunting task for a small business to increase its control over its web server functions. Shared hosting can be a great deal; its relatively cheap and provides hosting benefits that are ot

When considering hosting your website on a dedicated server, youre faced with two questions. Should you lease a dedicated server through a dedicated hosting plan? Or, alternatively, should you hire additional management of the server through a managed hosting option? Managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting come at different prices and different levels of required server management. A unmanaged dedicated web hosting plan can be upgraded to a managed one, and many web hosting companies offer the latter.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With the most basic dedicated web hosting, a business website owner gets full use and access to a single web server. Leasing the right dedicated web hosting server can be cost effective and bring a higher return on investment. The website owner gets a choice of resources, such as the amount of disk space and the processor speed and type. Need a faster server to answer website requests? A dual quad-core processor may be suitable for you. Do you have many videos and high-volume data files? A larger disk space may be required.

You also get to choose which operating system and the control panel software the server will use. Dedicated servers have an H.V.A.C. (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) climate controlled, redundant power facility that keeps the server operating efficiently.

But beware that an unmanaged dedicated server hosting plan requires you to do all of the above, and also maintain the server, perform data backup and recovery, and remotely fix the server if it crashes.

Managed Dedicated Server

With a managed hosting plan, not only do you receive the full benefits of a dedicated server, the use of a professional high-tech data center, but you also receive the benefit of having the hosting company provide technicians and administrators to help operate your web server.

Other benefits include:

  • Software updates - A managed web hosting plan can get newly released software updates.
  • Monitoring - Administrators work all day to ensure that all servers are running correctly, and are quick to react to a server crash.
  • Database Administration - Professional administrators can assist with creating and maintaining your data lists.
  • Backups/Disaster Recovery - A managed web hosting plan will help with regularly scheduled data backup, and restoration of data in case of loss.

If you do not have the human resource available to help maintain your dedicated server, managed hosting may be the most suitable avenue for you to take.

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