What is CloudLinux ?

Reaching a high level of stability will be tough, typically unattainable, for several shared hosting corporations. unforeseen resource usage spikes, will increase in traffic, and hacker attacks are a number of the issues system directors address everyday. For years, this has been accepted as a value of doing business. It prices cash, it prices time and, additional significantly, it prices client trust. Therefore, it's time to think about dynamical the underlying OS to eliminate those prices.

CloudLinux was free to the market in 2010. Today, it's essential for any net host United Nations agency cares regarding stability, security, and churn. it's utilized by quite a pair of,000 hosting corporations on twenty,000+ servers. CloudLinux is interchangeable with CentOS thus any SysAdmin can feel right reception. Yet, it had been specifically optimized for shared hosting. net hosts that use CloudLinux report higher time period, vital enhancements in density (as very much like 5x), 4x decrease in range of reboots, and 10x decrease in range of account suspension they need to perform. it's conjointly created a major decrease in churn for variety of shoppers.

The package specifically created for net hosts running cPanel board with multiple accounts. If you're a shared host, or a style company that needs to host sites on behalf of the shopper – CloudLinux is your friend.

CloudLinux + cPanel

Improved stability by limiting the resources any single user will consume In shared hosting, the foremost common reason for period of time could be a single account fastness down alternative accounts on the server. victimization cPanel & WHM package with CloudLinux utilizes innovative light-weight Virtual atmosphere (LVE) technology, rising the density and stability of your shared hosting atmosphere for all tenants. Advanced server security With distinctive CageFS technology, CloudLinux encapsulates every client, preventing users from seeing one another and viewing sensitive info. It conjointly prevents an outsized range of attacks, as well as most privilege step-up and data revealing attacks. Increased server potency By watching and containing resource spikes, CloudLinux eliminates the necessity to go away server resources idle, providing you with the power to host double as several accounts on your cPanel & WHM server. Multiple PHP versions Using CloudLinux along with cPanel & WHM package offers your customers with the pliability to settle on the PHP version that they have. This includes versions four.4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 additionally as quite five0 PHP extensions and therefore the ability to regulate php. Hardened kernel The shared hosting atmosphere is in contrast to the other and therefore the CloudLinux kernel takes that into consideration. It will defend against symlink attacks and trace exploits, whereas limiting the visibility of ProcFS to solely what's necessary — creating your cPanel & WHM servers safer. Admin interface at intervals cPanel & WHM package to simply manage account usage Within cPanel & WHM, CloudLinux offers you and your shoppers the visibility and accessibility to determine and management the precise resource usage of every web site. What worth will giving CloudLinux wake up my cPanel clients?

As a cPanel Partner intelligence officer, you'll quickly activate CloudLinux via Manage2. you'll be ready to sell and license CloudLinux additionally as receive a consolidated bill for each cPanel & WHM and CloudLinux. License configuration is offered through our On-Demand license system via API or the online.

Integrated Support

Because we tend to extremely worth your immediate desires, we’re providing direct Enterprise, Priority, and Complimentary support for Cloud Linux within the very same fashion that we tend to do for our core merchandise. We’ve conjointly integrated the Cloud Linux support team into our price ticket system to produce you with the most effective potential expertise. Single-source support means you'll perpetually receive our greatest for your net hosting services. you'll even be entitled to submit tickets to Cloud Linux support directly.

Integration with CloudLinux offers you a good chance to buy its solutions at a reduced value and sell it to your customers. It conjointly suggests that victimization all the privileges of its Partner Program:

Additional revenue opportunities with glorious margins Automated ordering through our API Easy-to-use, IP-based licensing Marketing support and content Participation in joint press releases Access to the Partner Portal Unlimited 24/7 dedicated support, as well as elevation to developers, if needed Full set of materials, selling help, and sales aids for prospering promotion. CloudLinux could be a devoted partner, committed to serving to you grow your own business with all necessary selling and sales tools. Less period of time, additional stability, and happier customers for shared hosts. this suggests quicker growth and enhanced server use. As your customers’ servers become additional stable, you'll expect them to contact your support less often. 4/7 dedicated technical support for your customers, removing a number of the burden related to coping with OS-related problems. You don’t must worry regarding something — the very best level of our support service can satisfy even the foremost hard-to-please shopper.

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Last Update On 06th April 2018